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Things Aren't Always What They Seem To Be

Annie, girl. June born. Secret geek and quiet. :) That's just me.


*shows up 15 minutes late with a crappy dorito comic*

Origin Stories: CAPTAIN DORITO (this is part 1) (part 2 out next week or something)

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#i just love the fact that derek has grown to respect scott #i mean he taught scott everything he knew #and then he watched that little beta grow into a true alpha while losing his pack and his alpha abilities #but instead of showing jealousy or resentment #he is more supportive of scott now than ever before #and i just think that’s really nice

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wtf happened to Isaac are we really going to sit around all season & just pretend he didn't just disappear into thin air???


Short recap on what’s going on with Isaac as of now:

He’s probs eating baguettes staring mournfully at the river Seine.

And that’s what you missed on Teen Wolf.

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[on diversity in media] I think its social responsibility. I think it’s our responsibility to stand up and say what we want. It think if you look at television in the past two years, it’s becoming the decade of the female. Like, all these new shows with female leads. Even if you look at television, as well as cable, as well as films, there’s been a resurgence, as far as the leading woman in Hollywood, which is great. And I think we’re also at the point now…you know, it’s interesting…x

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Chemistry more like cheMYSTERY because i have no idea what’s going on


Avengers World #9


Avengers World #9

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【流血注意】戒斗 by Kkハムスター


【流血注意】戒斗 by Kkハムスター

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"I’ve been ready for years."

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like ten years ago i drew a comic strip entitled “if the president were a moth” in which the president is a human sized moth watching the olympics and when they light the torch it flies off in pursuit of it and then two cia guys stand up and shout “MR. PRESIDENT!!!!!!!” i was really ahead of my time